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About us

We are a team of experienced doctors who offer a wide range of medical services for women who try to get pregnant using assisted reproductive technologies. One of the most important of these is IVF (in vitro fertilization) that is chosen by many of our patients after they discuss their medical situation with our doctors specialized in IVF in Turkey. According to your medical history, your age and health condition, our specialists can recommend you the proper method for having a baby.

Our team speaks English and you will have no problems asking the questions you want in order to get the right answers for making such as an important decision. Our doctors specialized in IVF in Turkey will explain to you in detail all steps you have to follow for becoming mother. Our support personnel can speak English too, so you will have no problem if you decide to do in vitro fertilization in Turkey, maybe far away from your home. The main advantage is that you may pay nearly half of the prices in the Western clinics that offer similar IVF services.

We work in a modern clinic and you can come and visit us anytime in order to make sure that we can offer you medical services as good as those in your country or in other Western states.

Contact our clinic specialized in IVF in Turkey and prepare yourself for having a baby as soon as possible!